Ultralight wallet for cards and notes

You can choose between a wallet with two or three card slots, depending on how much space you need. And you can also freely choose a color that you see in the pictures.

Product details

  • sewn from light and robust Ecopak and Xpac fabric
  • available in 2 versions: Version 1 with 2 card slots (folds once) OR Version 2 with 3 card slots (folds twice)
  • offers enough space for several cards
  • contents are secured with a flap and elastic band

material: 100% Polyester

Version 1 with 2 slots ca.: 13g
Version 2 with 3 slots ca.: 18g

Version 1: 8,5cm x 8,5cm
Version 2: 8,5cm x 7,5cm

If you are interested, just write a mail to: mail@outliteside.com