Hi, I am Tobias. More than ten years ago I founded my first Outdoorbrand. The products where sort of unique, over the years we sold quiet a lot, hired some people, produced abroard and our product range grew. Sounds cool? Well, I hated it. The only thing I ever wanted is designing and making good products. I ended up burnt out and my days were completely filled up with managing the company without time for creativity. This is not what I wanted, so I sold everything after a few years and started to work for the buyer as a product developer. I did that for 1 1/2 years before i quit. It was more than time for a break! We packed our backpacks, went to Sweden and crossed the country by foot.

The journey changed alot, old ideas came up again, and the wish to start something new arised. So here we are at Outliteside. A small cottage outdoor company, which is allowed to stay small, where we sew everything by our own and with alot passion to create something new. Made by people who live, what they do.

Life is short so enjoy it!